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About Create Laugh Learn

At Create Laugh Learn we are extremely passionate about play based learning. We love creating, researching, playing, and exploring new things. We are greatful for the opportunity to share our activities with other parents, caregivers, and educators in hopes that we inspire more hands on fun across the world. I hope you find some inspiration on my page, enjoy!

About Me-

My name is Michelle Kunkel. I’m a wife, former  early childhood teacher, blogger, and founder of Lineylou & Co. I am also the mother of a sweet, smart four year old you all know as Little C.

I graduated from Baylor University with a degree in business management, but my passion for education and children led me to becoming a certified teacher. Teaching is a calling, and my heart soars when I get the opportunity to help children learn. I love reading, crafting, sensory activities, science experiments, art, and doing research. You can usually find me elbow deep in the kitchen making some sort of sensory play material, at my daughter’s craft table, or at my computer creating new product ideas.

This is a typical day at Create Laugh Learn with Little C. Little C loves to learn, and is always up for exploring new subjects, and materials. We love sharing our adventures, and we’ve always got more to share so stay tuned!